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About Oddball Escapes

From Tour Guide to Travel Agent

Our VP of Experiences & Memories, Cassie, has years of experience as an adventure tour guide and first-hand knowledge of numerous destinations across the United States, Europe, and Central & South America. So why is she VP and not President? Because YOU are Oddball’s President – we report to you! We plan, you play!

Oddball’s specialties! Well-trained and first-hand knowledge in:

    • Escorted tours
    • Multi-city road trips
    • Independent travel
    • River cruises & shore excursions
    • USA National Parks & Cities
    • South American travel
    • European travel

Specializing in active travel, Oddball Escapes has partnered with dozens of travel suppliers to connect you with an amazing adventure! Click here to check out Oddball’s training record.

tour guide ceo

So why the name Oddball Escapes?

Because travel shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter event. We customize vacations so that you get an adventure that is unique to you!