British Isles

While there are several companies to show you around England, Scotland, and Ireland, we are choosing a few of our favorite itineraries to highlight on this page. This is simply an overview of options. Looking for something different? Contact us and we'll help customize your experience in the British Isles.

regional focus England

This 9-day itinerary is the perfect sampling of England, Scotland, and Wales. This tri-country introductory vacation has something for everyone. History buffs will treasure prehistoric Stonehenge, the Roman ruins of Bath and the medieval cities and towns such as York and Ludlow. Music lovers will cherish the music-festival town of Llangollen and The Beatles’ home city of Liverpool. Literary fans will relish the countryside homes of William Shakespeare and Sir Walter Scott. And beer and whisky connoisseurs will delight in the dimly lit pubs from London to Edinburgh and back where if you just can’t bring yourself to taste the black pudding, there’s always delicious fish and chips!

Shown: 9-days from $2859 pp.
Travel mid-April thru mid-October.

regional focus Ireland

This 13-day itinerary takes you on a full loop around the Emerald Isle—including Northern Ireland—you’ll see the cliffs, castles, and thatched-roof countryside Eire is known for as well as its coastal ports, medieval villages, and soulful cities. Visit the Titanic Belfast Experience where the ill-fated ship was built, and soak in the atmosphere in the lively pubs of Dublin where Irish history is still the topic du jour. Your stroke of luck continues as you stop to bake scones at a quaint Irish farm, take a private boat to beautiful Garinish Island, and meet the legendary crystal makers in Waterford. Fun awaits!

Shown: 13-days from $4259 pp.
Travel mid-April thru mid-October.
Shorter options are also available.

regional focus Scotland

On this 10-day itinerary tour of Scotland, you’ll feel your heart skip a beat as you journey through the breathtaking Highlands, ferry to its most beautiful islands, and immerse yourself in a world of haunting bagpipes, hallowed battlefields, and hoppy brews — the perfect choice for washing down traditional fish and chips at a Scottish chippy. This Scotland vacation offers countless opportunities to raise a glass to your many passions. Making a spectacular scenic loop from Edinburgh to Glasgow, this Scottish Highland Fling tour is indeed an affair to remember.

Shown: 10-days from $3599 pp.
Travel May thru September.
Shorter options are also available.

combo Ireland & Scotland

This 13-day itinerary sweeps you through the kilted and Celtic countries of Scotland, Ireland and Wales with the added bonus of England’s postcard-perfect Lake District. Whether you’re in search of heritage, haggis, rolling glens or smooth Guinness, there’s so much to discover on this Celtic tour of Britain and Ireland. Ancient castles? Check. Legendary lochs? Indeed. Sparkling seascapes and hallowed battlefields? You can bet your boots. From the storied cities to the tiny towns, you’ll feel your own heart beat as you savor the deep-rooted traditions and customs of the Emerald Isle and the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands.

Shown: 13-days from $4589 pp.
Travel mid-April thru mid-October.
Shorter options are also available.

combo England & Scotland

This 12-day itinerary is an encompassing tour of Britain that includes it all – thrones and scones, hops and scotch, rock stars and famous rocks. The castles and cathedrals of London, Edinburgh, and Cardiff, as well as the charming pubs on every corner, will steal your heart away. With visits to the baffling boulders of Stonehenge, the battlefield of Culloden Moor, Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon, and The Beatles’ home city of Liverpool, this tour of Britain promises rocking discovery and enlightenment, not to mention honorary degrees in ancient history, English literature, and music appreciation.

Shown: 12-days from $3799 pp.
Travel April thru mid-October.
Shorter options are also available.

combo England & Ireland

This 13-day itinerary takes you from one legendary river to another on this immerse tour of Ireland, Scotland, and England. From the ancient villages along the Shannon to the cathedrals and castles lining the Thames, this tour of Ireland and Britain invites you to splash about in four distinctive countries and cultures. With a compass pointed toward enlightenment and enchantment, this vacation to Ireland and Britain is overflowing with seaside scenery, Highland history, and cobblestone charisma.

Shown: 13-days from $4099 pp.
Travel May thru September.
Shorter options are also available.

the complete combo!

This 24-day itinerary shows you the sweet sights of 5 captivating countries on an in-depth tour that truly pours on the charm. Coast to coast, castle to castle, and pub to pub, you’ll drink in the classic landmarks and landscapes, the famous rivers and ruins, the breathtaking islands and Highlands, and the celebrated stories behind them all. From Abbey Road to Penny Lane and Stonehenge to Clava Cairns, this is the rock star of all Britain and Ireland vacations.

Shown: 24-days from $7799 pp.
Travel late-April thru mid-October.
Shorter options are also available.

customizable tour example: Scotland by Design

This 9-day itinerary allows you to customize your included excursions while in Edinburgh, Pitlochry, Inverness, and Glasgow! More haggis or more history? More insider stories or Outlander scenery? Another dram of whisky or a dramatic glen? That’s the beauty of Scotland, and now you can customize your vacation on this in-depth journey through the Lowlands and Highlands of Scotland.

Shown: 9-days from $3199 pp.
Travel May thru September.

Ireland also has a “by Design” itinerary available.

off-season tour example

On this 8-day itinerary, you’ll experience the fascinating cities and countryside of this beautiful land without the crowds – and even better – without the high-season prices. From the historical landmarks to the beautiful scenery, this guided tour of England and Scotland is a great way to sample what Britain has to offer and it’s all possible during the off-season at prices that make you smile!

Shown: 8-days from $1839 pp.
Travel late-October thru early-April.
Other off-season itineraries are available to England, Scotland, and Ireland.

a regional adventure: London & Country

This 7-day itinerary is the perfect town and country getaway! It is just the right balance of city and scenery, royalty and ruins, and landmarks and landscapes. With six nights in London, you’ll relish plenty of time along the Thames as well as exciting day trips that trade Big Ben for the small, quaint villages of England. Serving up the right balance of guided, must-see sightseeing with ample free time to explore London on your own, this tour of London and country is the bee’s knees.

Shown: 7-days from $2859 pp.
Travel mid-April thru September.

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