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While there are several companies to show you around Europe, we are choosing a few of our favorites to highlight on this page. This is simply an overview of options. Looking for something different? Contact us and we'll help customize your experience in Europe.

independent package example

An independent package puts together all the logistics you need while traveling, but allows you the freedom to explore the cities without a schedule. On this 9-day itinerary, you’ll see the magnificent sights of Britain’s capital city with a blooming good time in London, lose your heart to the romantic rues of Paris, and delight in the Dutch treats of Amsterdam along the cobblestone lanes that line the iconic canals. The package includes hotel accommodations, daily breakfasts, select guided sightseeing, transportation between cities, and Local Hosts who can help you make the most of your free time.

Shown: 9-days from $2529 pp.
Travel available year-round.

Other independent package options are also available.

the utlimate panorama land tour

This 16-day itinerary intertwines stunning scenery, centuries-old culture, and the timeless stories of several captivating countries to present an unforgettable experience. From the canals of Amsterdam to the casinos of Monte Carlo, this itinerary stitches together an exciting array of sights and scenes to truly capture the big picture of Europe. A perfectly woven itinerary of fascinating cities, charming countryside, and creative cuisine, this multi-country tour threads together the most memorable sights and experiences of Europe.

Shown: 16-days from $5999 pp.
Travel April thru mid-October.

Shorter itinerary options are also available.

Eastern Europe

On this 10-day itinerary, you enjoy the imperial sights of Prague, Budapest, and Vienna with additional overnights in melodious Salzburg and lively Munich. Ornate castles and cathedrals, stunning palaces and parks, and gorgeous gardens and grounds provide glimpse into the intriguing lives and lavish lifestyles of one of history’s most powerful and controversial families. In-depth sightseeing and a cruise along the legendary Danube offer varied vantage points to witness the magnificent marks this royal family left on Central Europe.

Shown: 10-days from $3369 pp.
Travel mid-April thru September.
Other itinerary options are also available.

the Mediterranean coast

On this 14-day itinerary, you explore the vibrant cities, historic sites, and amazing scenery along the Mediterranean Coast. Visit Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Marseille, Venice, and Rome, and experience the stunning Cinque Terre and spend time on the glamorous French Riviera. This tour to Spain, France, and Italy is perfectly planned for value-minded travel lovers wanting a wonderful, yet affordable, Mediterranean vacation.

Shown: 14-days from $3189 pp.
Travel May thru mid-October.
Shorter options are also available.

focus on Spain

This 14-day itinerary is an in-depth look at the land of the nonstop fiesta. You’ll discover the past and modern-day feats of everyone from artists and architects to chefs and winemakers throughout this lively tour of Spain. Enjoy the sights from city to city and coast to coast for Picasso and paella, fortresses and flamenco, and Gaudi and the great Rioja wines. Equally satisfying is seeing the legendary backdrops used for some of classic literature’s finest prose—from Granada’s Moorish Alhambra complex to Pamplona’s famous Calle Estafeta, where the annual “running of the bulls” takes place. Olé!

Shown: 14-days from $4379 pp.
Travel April thru early-November.
Other itinerary options are also available.

focus on France

This 14-day itinerary begins and ends in Paris. You’ve seen photos of the Eiffel Tower — now is your time to see it in person. You’ve studied and read about D-Day’s Normandy Beaches — now’s your chance to visit them. You’ve heard about France’s famous wines — now’s your chance to see the Bordeaux wine-growing region. This value-minded tour through France is truly a vacation of a lifetime!

Shown: 14-days from $2999 pp.
Travel May thru mid-October.
Shorter options are also available.

focus on Germany

This 12-day itinerary is full of bratwurst and beer, castles and cathedrals, and centuries of history and skilled craftspeople. You’ll kick off your experience in Frankfurt with a river cruise along the vineyard-dotted Rhine, picks up speed with a train ride from Cologne to Berlin, and then makes its way from the restored city of once war-ravaged Dresden to the best of Bavaria and the enchanting Black Forest. Castle-topped hills, snow-capped peaks, and foam-topped pilsners present the sweetest of sights while traditional Black Forest Cake and Nuremberg Gingerbread are your just desserts.

Shown: 12-days from $3959 pp.
Travel late-April thru September.
Other itinerary options are also available.

focus on Poland & surrounding countries

This 14-day itinerary traces the steps of kings, queens, emperors, presidents, generals, soldiers, and prisoners, history buffs will relish revisiting the most gripping chapters of the past. They say you can’t stop time. Prague is intricate and theatrical Astronomical Clock, striking every hour for the past 600 years, is ticking proof. Yet when you travel to the “City of a Hundred Spires” as well as the beguiling cities of Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, and Vienna on this six-country tour of Eastern Europe, it can also feel like time has stood still.

Shown: 14-days from $3959 pp.
Travel late-April thru mid-October.
Other itinerary options are also available.

focus on Switzerland

This 9-day itinerary is the perfect way to see Switzerland’s breathtaking mountains, charming mountain resorts, fascinating old towns, and beautiful lakes—all while you relax aboard Switzerland’s famous trains. One of the highlights of this Switzerland train tour is the train journey aboard the Glacier Express from Zermatt, a picturesque cluster of rustic chalets beneath the majestic Matterhorn, to glitzy St. Moritz, one of the world’s most famous resorts. From your carriage windows, marvel at the thundering waterfalls, impressive snow-capped peaks, glacial ice fields, lush meadows, and picture-perfect villages. Stunning scenery and thrilling train rides…there’s no better way to see scenic Switzerland! So grab your camera and get ready for an amazing, value-minded adventure!

Shown: 9-days from $3399 pp.
Travel mid-April thru mid-October.

Other itinerary options are also available.

focus on the Adriatic Sea region

This 11-day itinerary includes visits to beautiful coastal cities throughout four countries—Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro. You’ll discover natural, historical, architectural, and cultural beauty during your affordable European tour of the east Adriatic coast. You’ll begin in the “floating city” of Venice, Italy—with its iconic landmarks, legendary canals, bridges, and piazzas. On to Croatia, you’ll enjoy the stunning east Adriatic coast. Discover breathtaking waterfalls, water mills, and more than 200 species of birds—including eagles, ospreys, falcons, and owls. Your affordable tour of Venice and the Eastern Adriatic coast is a trip you’ll remember for its beauty, history, and hidden gems.

Shown: 11-days from $2349 pp.
Travel April thru mid-October.

Other itinerary options are also available.

focus on Norway

For this 10-day itinerary, pack your binoculars to explore Norway’s natural wonders, including extraordinary fjords, serene lakes, gleaming glaciers, and thundering waterfalls. This breathtaking tour of Norway presents the most spectacular ways to see them. Cross the orchard-lined Hardangerfjord by ferry, witness the UNESCO-protected Nærøyfjord aboard a relaxing cruise, and revel in the spectacular Nordfjord views aboard the Loen Skylift, Norway’s newest aerial tramway. This encompassing tour of Norway balances the country’s charming, timeless villages with the surprising architecture and energy of its capital city.

Shown: 10-days from $3959 pp.
Travel mid-May thru September.

Other itinerary options are also available.

focus on Finland & the Arctic Circle

This 10-day itinerary takes you to the top of the world – the Arctic Circle to be exact. Explore the Land of the Midnight Sun as you travel into the exquisite beauty of from Finland to Norway. Along the way, you’ll be warmed by the traditions, tastes, and legends. Begin in Finland’s southern capital of Helsinki poised on the country’s gulf peninsula, where Nordic cuisine is as hearty as the generations of tradition here. Then head through Lapland to the North Cape of Norway to discover the Sámi culture alive today in Karasjok. Call in a husky farm to learn about the life of mushers and sled dogs. Continue to Tromsø where the glow from the Arctic Cathedral adds a shining light to the end of your amazing arctic adventure!

Shown: 10-days from $3299 pp.
Travel May thru mid-September.
Other itinerary options are also available.

active adventure: Trekking Mount Blanc

On this 10-day itinerary, eperience the rarified air of Europe as you trek the Alps from France to Italy and Switzerland along the Tour du Mont Blanc. This challenging hiking circuit will reward you with mesmerizing views of glaciers, steep valleys, and, of course, Mont Blanc itself. Travel across high passes and through Alpine meadows, recharging at night with delicious mountain cuisine in simple refuges. Challenge yourself to conquer one of the world’s premiere hiking routes, uncovering the alpine heart of Europe on this incredible active adventure.

Shown: 10-days from $2499 pp.
Travel mid-June thru mid-September.

Other active hiking itineraries in Europe are also available.

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