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Types of Groups

Group Travel

Taking the Stress out of Group Travel

Bring your group outing to the next level! You’re busy. Oddball takes the lead to spearhead your group travel planning.
Big or small, Oddball helps coordinate travel for groups such as:

    • Family reunions
    • School reunions
    • Girls or Guys getaways
    • Bachelor & Bachelorette parties
    • Cruise groups
    • Multi-generational family vacations
    • Student learning adventures abroad
    • Sports team travel + extensions
    • Corporate outings
    • Corporate trainings & seminars
    • Churches & religious travel
    • … and more!

Types of Group Vacations

Oddball plans group adventures of various kinds. Even if your group doesn’t quite have all the details in place, contact us to discuss the type of outing you’d like to coordinate.

Oddball can help with suggestions that fit your group’s needs:

    • Escorted tours
    • Multi-city road trips
    • City adventures “plus”
    • Cruises
    • River cruises
    • Theme parks
    • All-inclusive resorts
    • Hotels and conference centers

oddball escapes group travel planning hiking

How does it work?

Common Questions about Group Travel

 Why have help with my group vacation?

Coordinating group travel takes time, time, and more time.
Most groups have 1 person who spearheads the planning. And this person is often volunteering his/her time around the demands of an already full schedule. As group interests vary, the effort required from this person increases.

Oddball recognizes that it becomes draining to coordinate group travel, especially if you must research all of the options available. Oddball is here to dedicate our time, not yours, to organize the details.

Oddball works on behind-the-scenes tasks, such as researching group options, securing the reservations, registering participants, distributing information to the group, and managing pre-departure tasks.

 How big must a group be?

Group size depends on the type of vacation. For example, cruises typically require 16 people, for a total of 8 cabins to qualify for group benefits. Some land tours require a minimum of 8 people. Each supplier’s requirements vary, and Oddball will help you sort through the options and choose an option best for your group.

 Can my group have various arrangements?

Traditional groups often require similar reservations, and are given a package price for the entire group. This is great if a group wants to lock in their space now (especially for air and hotel packages). Traditional group reservations generally require a group contract and a group deposit in order to hold space.

But is this our only option? Several vacation packages offer more flexible group arrangements. For example, let’s say that your group will be flying to a Caribbean resort from various cities and staying in different styles of rooms. A promo code will be created for your group, and each reservation can be made individually. These groups generally do not have group contracts or deposits, but the space and price is not locked in until each reservation is made.

Each supplier’s requirements vary, but Oddball will help you sort through the options and choose an option best for your group.

 Can my group customize our vacation?

Yes, for groups that generally have at least 20 travelers, there are several options to customize their own itinerary. Oddball works with several suppliers that customize vacations. These vacations are of the same high-quality itineraries offered to the public, but unique designed to meet the group’s interests.

Each supplier’s requirements vary, but Oddball will help you sort through the options and choose an option best for your group.

 What types of benefits do we receive?

Groups receive some form of group credit, depending on the type of vacation selected. For example, a group may qualify to receive 1 complimentary vacation package for every X amount purchased. This can be reserved for 1 person, or divided among the travelers to reduce the cost of the trip. As your group increases in size, so do your group benefits!

This is just 1 example of group credit. Each supplier’s requirements vary, but Oddball will help you sort through the options and choose an option best for your group.

 Will I be charged a fee to work with Oddball?

If we help you select a vacation package with a top name supplier in the travel industry, no, Oddball will not charge you for its service. Vacations such as cruises, escorted tours, hotel stays, and all-inclusive resorts treat travel agents like a branch of their sales team. The supplier pays us for providing personalized service to you. At no extra charge to you!

However, people like to customize their vacations above and beyond the standard options. For example, our head Oddball, Cassie, has extensive knowledge about destinations across the United States, and enjoys helping travelers plan unique roadtrip-style vacations. For additional services such as these, yes, Oddball will charge a service fee.

Some forms of travel, such as air arrangements and charter buses may also incur a service fee. This is because airlines and regional companies do not pay agents directly. However, if included as part of a vacation package, Oddball may choose to waive fees for such arrangements.

Service fees for additional planning and coordination will vary depending upon the request.
Fees will be discussed, never hidden.



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