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Visit a City, but Escape to the Region!

Sometimes we’re required to visit a city for work, a wedding, an event, or to visit family. Extend your stay and turn it into a memorable vacation! Oddball arranges your city adventure, as well as plans a daily itinerary for you to explore the region.

Adding on a roadtrip is easy. Oddball plans your day-by-day details, for a customized vacation that fits your travel style!

From coast to coast, the United States has some amazing cities to visit. But don’t stop at the city! Think of each city as a gateway to a region that is full of nature, activities, monuments, and sightseeing.

Oddball has already done the research for you. We piece it together for you: air transportation, a hotel at each location, and the perfect rental car for your roadtrip. Oddball suggests activities and sightseeing, and we make arrangements for you. We plan, you play!

oddball escapes independent adventure plus san Francisco golden gate bridge
venture off in confidence on an Independent Travel itinerary

oddball escapes independent travel adventure plus grand canyon
from Vegas venture off to the Grand Canyon for sunset

Road Trip from These Favorite American Cities!

These cities are perfect gateways to hit the road and explore a region. Click on each city to view a sample route and photos.

Independent Travel Abroad Made Easy!

Oddball works with Monograms to provide a framework for your Independent Travels abroad. All of the planning, arranging and coordinating is done for you, in an all-in-one package. A package that ensures you won’t find yourself forced into the unknown. Trade worrying for wonderment. Visit these countries independently:

    • Europe – walk on cobblestones and hit the must-sees!
    • South & Central America – a paradise for nature lovers!
    • Australia & New Zealand – journey down under!
    • Afria – a vast and diverse country with safaris!
    • Asia – mix of ancient history and modern culture!

the perfect support for independent travel abroad with Monograms

Arranging Your Independent Adventure Vacation

When it comes to Independent Travel and customized road trips, Oddball Escapes has great relationships with top names in the travel industry. Oddball has access to offers for resort packages, air & hotel packages, city activities & sightseeing, and car rentals. With such a network, Oddball makes it easy to find a Independent Adventure that fits your tastes. Contact us to plan your Independent Travel vacation.

Chicago’s skyline…………….New Orleans swamp tour…..Yellowstone hot spring………NOLA’s French Quarter…….Key West Florida