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Travelers comment about using Oddball Escapes to plan their vacations

First all-inclusive experience! From start to finish Cassie was along the ride with us in planning our trip to Punta Cana. We have never been to an all inclusive before and didn’t even know where to begin to look for one. We tried to research on our own but it became overwhelming and I felt we needed a professional. After a recommendation from a friend of ours we called Cassie. All we really had to do was tell her what we were looking for and she gave us plenty of options to choose from. She met with us to discuss options and spent hours with us as we went back in forth between 2 resorts. She was so patient and understanding with us. As you can imagine we had lots of questions. Even after we figured everything out she stayed in close contact with us through the months and met with us again to make sure we understood how it all worked and to make sure we had all of our paperwork we needed. The folder that she provided to us was so beneficial! She had printed off anything that we might need and more such as suggested items to pack. Every aspect that could be thought of Cassie took care of for us! She kept in contact with us when we were on our vacation. Made sure we didn’t need anything and watched our flights to make sure we wouldn’t have any issues getting home. Not a single thing went unnoticed. We would highly recommend her to anyone!

– Alicia & Jeff, Majestic Mirage, Punta Cana, October-November 2017

Honeymoon in Arizona! It was a wonderful experience to finally go on our honeymoon and enjoy the west. It wouldn’t have been the same without your help and suggestions. Everything was great! Hotel was in a great location where we could get to everything and the rental car was way more than we expected for the price. Alex and I had the best trip to Arizona and had some fabulous adventures. We will definitely go back again in the future. Thank you so much for all your help on planning this.

– Heather & Alex, Arizona honeymoon, October 2017


Independent package to England & Scotland. Now that I’ve overwhelmed you all with photos from our trip to England and Scotland, I have to give a huge thank you to Cassie Stroup of Oddball Escapes. She helped us put this amazing trip together, and took care of so many of the little details that made this trip smooth and nearly effortless. With Cassie’s help, we got to stay in incredible hotels near all the things we wanted to see, and our transportation from location to location was easy. If you’re in northeast Ohio or western Pennsylvania and want to take the trip of a lifetime, give Cassie a call!

Also, on our last day in Edinburgh, I got hit with a nasty stomach bug, and I was seriously unsure that I’d be able to take our flights home. I messaged Cassie, and she immediately put together a contingency plan for us – told me who to call and what to do to get our flights rescheduled and so forth. Fortunately, I was feeling better by the time we had to leave and our flights home were without incident, but I can’t tell you what a comfort it was to know that we had a backup plan if I was still sick. Thank you so much, Cassie!!

– Mary Beth & Jim, independent package, England & Scotland, August 2017

20th Anniversary in Hawaii! Oddball Escapes helped us plan the perfect vacation to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Cassie gave us options to narrow down our vision of going to Hawaii. And, she quickly adjusted to the curveball we threw her of adding a couple days in San Diego. I loved Cassie’s encouraging texts keeping us updated on our flights, and wanting to hear how we enjoyed each leg of our vacation. Cassie’s heart, enthusiasm, and attention to detail truly make her one of a kind, and I can’t wait to plan out next adventure with her!”

– Heather & Dave, Hawaii, island-hopping tour, July 2017


Family road trip to Yellowstone. Our family had a great trip with the experienced and professional help of Cassie at Oddball Escapes. We put this trip off for years because we didn’t know where to begin. Cassie came highly recommended and she definitely lived up to that standard! She worked very hard and put in many hours to make arrangements for us. Her work, advice and tips were invaluable. We had a great vacation and would use Oddball Escapes again without a moments hesitation.

– Ann & Scott, customized road trip to Yellowstone, South Dakota & Denver, June 2017

Out-of-state planning. Cassie is an amazing travel agent. She emailed us a packet of resort options for Punta Cana & Jamaica. She event made a video for us to watch as we went through each resort in the packet. She was very patient & answered all of our questions. Our flight home was delayed & she sent us text messages to keep us informed on the flight changes. We appreciate Cassie helping us plan our 1 year anniversary trip. We will definitely use Oddball Escapes & Cassie to plan our next trip.”

– Leslie & Jonathan, Hideaway at Royalton Negril, Jamaica, May-June 2017


Spreading my Dad’s ashes. Cassie from Oddball Escapes was great! She helped plan every step of the way of my California trip I was taking to spread my Dad’s ashes among the great Redwood and Sequoia trees. I was not only going to one place in California, but renting a car and going several places. She helped set up the rental car and ensure everything went smoothly at our hotels along the way. She even stayed up late (eastern time) to make sure my late flight (pacific time) would go as planned. After my trip, I was surprised to get a card in the mail with a photo of my favorite picture from the trip! And she also had a keep sake made for me as well! I would definitely travel again with Oddball Escapes. Thank you again Cassie!

– Laura, customized California road trip, May 2017


My recent trip to Peru was wonderfully successful. The Magic & Comedy of Eric Thompson performed 16 shows for nearly 2,500 people across Peru in April, 2017. The Peru leg of the “Million Miles Million Smiles Tour” was hosted by Hearts In Action Peru. We travelled hundreds of miles to visit small villages and large cities to perform in schools, churches, communities and a children’s hospital, delivering joy and laughter. I’m also proud that I was able to use my talents for such a worthwhile program and bring joy & laughter into the hearts and onto the faces of so many children and families across Peru. I will NEVER forget the awesomeness that surrounded us in South America!

Every single detail of my trip to Peru was important to Cassie. When I had an idea of a side trip or another leg of my journey, she either knew someone she trusted in that area or spent the time to research and organize my trip to get the safest and most fun for my adventure money.

When there was a long delay at the airport in Peru, I would have missed all of my connecting flights. She texted me while I was still on the ground in South America to tell me she had changed my connecting flight in Miami and had full instructions emailed to my phone to make the changes smooth. If not for Cassie’s attention to every detail and quick action, I might still be sitting in an airport in Peru!

I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER make travel arrangements without calling Cassie Stroup at Oddball Escapes first. She is working on my next journey to China and Vietnam and then it’s off to Europe. Cassie will make those journeys as memorable and safe as the last trip! I love Oddball Escapes!

– Eric, The Comedy & Magic of Eric Thompson, Machu Picchu extension on a volunteer trip to Peru, April 2017

It was nice not to have to worry about anything. Cassie from Oddball Escapes is awesome! Our 40th Anniversary was approaching and my Aunt recommended Cassie to help me with the plans. What a life saver she was. All we really had to do was tell her where we wanted to go, how much we were willing to spend and she did the rest. A tweak here and there, texts, emails and a couple of phone calls and presto it’s all set! We had a wonderful 2 week vacation driving from Florida to Washington DC and back through North and South Carolina and finally to St. Augustine. It was so nice to not have to worry about anything. I would definitely use Cassie again for any trips and recommend her highly to anyone planning a trip. Thank you again Cassie you are truly a blessing.

– Tina & Jim, customized road trip, March 2017

Our 30th wedding anniversary. It had been 16 years since our last “real vacation,” plus we wanted to do something special to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. Cassie was very patient and informative about selections, while remaining sensitive to our apprehensions and budget… the result, the most wonderful, relaxing vacation we have ever had – a cruise to the Bahamas! From the fun and informative videos that walked us through each step, to the welcome home text message, she was watching over us with updates on any changes or delays. It was so nice not to have any worries and just be able to relax and have fun! I would never hesitate to recommend Oddball Escapes and Queen Oddball – Cassie, she totally rocks! Thank you for making our dreams come true – we loved it Cassie!

– Becky & Patrick, Celebrity Cruises, January 2017


2017 Window Depot National Meeting in the Florida Keys. I wanted to make sure I expressed my sincere gratitude for everything you did to make this our best meeting yet. You went above and beyond the call of duty, and I truly appreciate your efforts. You’re the best travel agent I’ve ever seen… bar none. Again, thank you.

– Ed & the Window Depot headquarters, Florida Keys, January 2017


Watch a video from this family’s Christmas travels, December 2016


Our family vacation over Christmas. I want to say “thank you” for helping me with the Christmas Vacation package. I think the kids will enjoy it. Plus, if this travel gig ever plays out, I think you may have a career in video. 🙂 Loved the personality coming through the video, you were very thorough and both fun and easy to listen to. Enjoy your Christmas Holiday and again… THANK YOU!!
– Bruce & Kerri, customized California roadtrip, December 2016

My family is from this region. Oddball Escapes is all about adventure and making memories. Cassie takes such care in making sure that your travel plans are tailored to your specific desires. She has excellent attention to detail that you know your trip will come off without a hitch! And in that off chance that something goes awry, you know she will be there to smooth over the trouble and get you back on track. Cassie’s passion for travel and adventure is contagious!

– Stephanie, Halifax, Nova Scotia escorted tour with Globus, September 2016

Best view ever! What a thorough package Oddball Escapes put together for our group! I was completely blown away by the detail and timeliness of the entire process. I would recommend Cassie and Oddball Escapes to any individual interested in traveling from just around the corner to around the world!

– Caroline & Jim, Excellence Resort, Punta Cana, February 2016 


Comments about Cassie when she was a Tour Guide, before she turned into a Travel Agent


When I was traveling around the US, I was so thankful for my tour guide, she was absolutely superb! She was on the ball with everything and you could tell that she had done her research and spent some time on planning the trip, day-by-day, very well indeed. She always kept the journey fun and made sure the group, as a whole, would get involved. She would have us take fun photos, play games, tell funny stories and personal experiences and personally was a good friend to me. I still keep in contact with her today.

– Stephanie D.- 

Great tour guide. In fact: in all my travels (and I’ve had my fair share) it would be hard to name a better one. She always knows where to find interesting things and her organizational skills are really great. Fantastic, open and easy-going personality. Greatest. Plus she knows how to handle groups and keep things sunny at all times, even with varied groups of people (our son and daughter in law were very enthusiastic but our group also included an older couple that would have gladly adopted her).
Two big thumbs up (and that’s only because I don’t have more).

– Hans – 

The tour guide was well organized & professional. The enthusiasm made the tour lots of fun.

– Paula – 

The organization of the trip was fantastic. From planning our accommodation & activities to running road trip entertainment. The communication to the group in regards to timings for arrivals & departures was clear and precise. For the days when we were able to venture off and explore on our own, (for example: cities or national parks) we were offered range of information on the best bits to see from experience, budget allowances and generally seeing as much as possible within our time frames. Questions we had were answered thoroughly & promptly and you could tell a lot of time, care and attention went into our custom made program.

Our tour guide was dedicated to the group and ensured we enjoyed every moment of our travels. The little things weren’t forgotten and everyone in the group enjoyed their time together.
It was a great week on the road and I would recommend the experience to everyone. I can’t wait to come back for more!

– Penny –