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Create Your Own Adventure

Perfect for groups of friends! Go where you want. Do what you want. Tell us your idea, then Oddball works out the details for you! Tweak an existing trip, design a specialty tour, or even create a non-sports trip!

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An Insider’s Perspective

Our Head Oddball has lived abroad in South America and has traveled to central Europe. Plus, she was a tour guide and led groups all across the United States. Talk about been there, done that! Oddball has first-hand knowledge of both domestic and international travel destinations.

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Oddball includes MORE

Each trip is designed to see more and do more. At no extra cost! If it’s worth doing, then it’s included in the price! No need to dip into your wallet again and again. With Oddball, it’s included!  

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Many Options at Your Fingertips

Escorted tours, cruises, independent travel. Oddball has a variety of vacation options at our fingertips! We know exactly where to go for updated prices, newest products, and special promotions. Let us provide insight on destinations and help sort through travel options. Escorted tours, cruises, independent travel. Oddball has a variety of vacation options at our

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