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My recent trip to Peru was wonderfully successful

Eric, The Comedy & Magic of Eric Thompson, Machu Picchu extension on a volunteer trip to Peru, April 2017

Question: What made you, as a magician, want to travel to Peru?

The Magic & Comedy of Eric Thompson performed 16 shows for nearly 2,500 people across Peru in April, 2017. The Peru leg of the “Million Miles Million Smiles Tour” was hosted by Hearts In Action Peru. We travelled hundreds of miles to visit small villages and large cities to perform in schools, churches, communities and a children’s hospital, delivering joy and laughter. I’m also proud that I was able to use my talents for such a worthwhile program and bring joy & laughter into the hearts and onto the faces of so many children and families across Peru. I will NEVER forget the awesomeness that surrounded us in South America!

Question: How easy or difficult was it to plan this trip?

Every single detail of my trip to Peru was important to Cassie. When I had an idea of a side trip or another leg of my journey, she either knew someone she trusted in that area or spent the time to research and organize my trip to get the safest and most fun for my adventure money.

Question: Would you like to comment on the problem that you can into during your return trip home?

When there was a long delay at the airport in Peru, I would have missed all of my connecting flights. She texted me while I was still on the ground in South America to tell me she had changed my connecting flight in Miami and had full instructions emailed to my phone to make the changes smooth. If not for Cassie’s attention to every detail and quick action, I might still be sitting in an airport in Peru! I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER make travel arrangements without calling Cassie Stroup at Oddball Escapes first. She is working on my next journey to China and Vietnam and then it’s off to Europe. Cassie will make those journeys as memorable and safe as the last trip! I love Oddball Escapes!

20th Anniversary in Hawaii

Oddball Escapes helped us plan the perfect vacation to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Cassie gave us options to narrow down our vision of going to Hawaii. And, she quickly adjusted to the curveball we threw her of adding a couple days in San Diego. I loved Cassie’s encouraging texts keeping us updated on our flights, and wanting to hear how we enjoyed each leg of our vacation. Cassie’s heart, enthusiasm, and attention to detail truly make her one of a kind, and I can’t wait to plan our next adventure with her!”

Heather & Dave, Hawaii, island-hopping tour, July 2017

My family is from this region

Oddball Escapes is all about adventure and making memories. Cassie takes such care in making sure that your travel plans are tailored to your specific desires. She has excellent attention to detail that you know your trip will come off without a hitch! And in that off chance that something goes awry, you know she will be there to smooth over the trouble and get you back on track. Cassie’s passion for travel and adventure is contagious!

Stephanie, Halifax, Nova Scotia escorted tour with Globus, September 2016

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