USS Knox Hotel Registration Form 2017

Ready to book your hotel room?! We make it simple & safe for you to share your information.

Your details are kept private. We have enabled SSL encryption to the entire form, and Field encryption to your credit card information, so that the data on your form will be stored safely on the server. However, if you would rather, we can take your information on paper and over the phone. Call Cassie direct at 330-219-9321.

Hotel Registration & Payment Authorization

Please fill out this form as completely as possible. We only ask for information required to process your hotel reservation. For the payment authorization, you are authorizing the amount disclosed on the event details page. A copy of your receipt/invoice will be emailed to you – so please include your email address.
If you want to pay using multiple cards, please submit the form for the first card, and then refresh the page to enter the information for the second card.

Oddball Escapes thanks you for submitting your information. Your travel reservation will soon be processed!