While there are various companies to show you around Italy, we are choosing a few of our favorite itineraries to highlight on this page. This is simply an overview of options. Looking for something different? Contact us and we'll help customize your experience.

the ultimate land tour: Italian Mosaic

On this 13-day itinerary, you’ll experience the most brilliant parts of Italy to create a visually stunning vacation. This itinerary features hand selected experiences from multiple regions of “the boot,” with the brightest pieces of Rome, Florence, and Venice, plus the sultry Italian Riviera, the breezy Lake District, and the sunny coast of Campania. The pastel-tinted Cinque Terre fishing villages, the sparkling blue waters of Capri, and the lemon-tree-lined streets of Sorrento offer a vivid picture of Italy, while the pilgrimage destination of Assisi, the Roman ash-preserved city of Pompeii, and the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa provide just the right accents. Traveling north, south, coastal, and inland, this multi-hued tour of Italy is a picture-perfect montage of memories.

Shown: 13-days from $4859 pp.
Travel April thru mid-October.

Many other itinerary options in Italy are also available.

undiscovered: highlights of Sicily & southern Italy

This 14-day itinerary lets you discover the lesser-known legends and roads less traveled in Italy. In southern Italy, you’ll delightfully find yourself caught between Byzantine and Roman culture in the midst of a cross-cultural wonderland. Your experience of cobblestones, customs, and cuisine gets underway in Rome, heads down to the dramatic Sorrento Coast, and then ventures from Italy’s heel to its toe and all the way into the great melting pot of Sicily. A rich history awaits in southern Italy and its largest island.

Shown: 14-days from $4339 pp.
Travel late-March thru mid-November.

Other “undiscovered” itineraries in Italy are also available.

regional focus: Gourmet Tuscany

This 8-day itinerary, the town of Montecatini serves as your home base. You’ll venture out to explore the surrounding landscapes of breathtaking Tuscany and get to know its culinary and wine traditions. From the rolling hills of Montalbano to Vinci and beyond, we’ll take you through bountiful vineyards, olive groves, and chestnut trees. You’ll even visit the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci to experience the Renaissance master’s life and art. As you visit quaint wine shops, cafes, historic estates, and museums, you’ll feel immersed in the history and traditions of each destination. In addition to sampling the local gourmet Tuscan fare, you’ll also be treated to an Italian cooking lesson. You’ll revel in the beauty of becoming familiar with a single destination of Montecatini while making priceless discoveries of locales that are off the beaten path.

Shown: 8-days from $2089 pp.
Travel late-March thru early-November.

Other regional options are also available.

active: biking The Dolomites, from Bolzano to Ora

If you’ve ever dreamed of cycling the Giro d’Italia’s Pordoi Pass, this 6-day itinerary is your chance! Of course, it’s planned so you won’t have to do all the work: a shuttle to the top lets you coast down, navigating the switchbacks that have thrilled Giro d’Italia fans for years. Here, you’ll feel the awe-inspiring presence of the Queen of the Dolomites—the mountain’s highest peak. During your orientation meeting, you’ll be fit with a well-maintained bike, a navigation app with route notes, and a number you can call 24/7 if you need support. Along the way, you’ll spin along quiet bike paths through the high mountain valleys of Val di Fassa and Val di Fiemme — staying at quaint local hotels suffused with South Tyrol’s famous culture, cuisine, and cycling.

Shown: 6-days from $3795 pp.
Travel June thru September.

Other destinations around Italy are also available.

Local Living in Sorrento area

On this 7-day itinerary, you get a taste for Italian life on this trip to Sorrento, located just around the corner from the Amalfi Coast. Complete with gorgeous scenery and all the fantastic food and drink you’d expect, you’ll unwind on an organic lemon farm and learn how the famous limoncello liquor is made. With a local family as your hosts, you’ll get an in-depth look at what life at an Italian agriturismo is like. Walk along the stunning coastline, visit the elite island of Capri, and enjoy a stop at Pompeii. Don’t be a tourist in Italy – live the dream.

Shown: 7-days from $2099 pp.
Travel available nearly year-round.

Other itinerary variations are also available.

off-season tours: Bella Italia Escape

This 9-day itinerary occurs during the off-season, so that you enjoy the legendary sites of Venice, Florence, Assisi, Rome, and Sorrento with fewer crowds and lower pricing. An off-season tour still includes the same quality of hotels, a tour director, VIP access to must-see attractions that allows you to skip the lines, and quality transportation. This is one Italy vacation you’ll remember, not for the crowds, but for the ease of discovering these beautiful cities and sites!

Shown: 9-days from $2159 pp.
Travel late-October thru March.

Other regional options are also available.

independent packages: Rome, Florence, Venice

An independent package puts together all the logistics you need while traveling, but allows you the freedom to explore the cities without a schedule. On this 8-day itinerary you’ll see the ancient sites of the Eternal City of Rome, indulge the senses with la dolce vita in Florence, and fall in love with the romance of Venice. The package includes hotel accommodations, daily breakfasts, select guided sightseeing, transportation between cities, and Local Hosts who can help you make the most of your free time.

Shown: 8-days from $2099 pp.
Travel available year-round.

faith-based travel: Shrines of Italy

This 14-day itinerary takes you on a journey through Catholic heritage. You’ll witness the most visited shrines of Italy. In the north, visit the Gothic Duomo in Milan and the Holy Shroud Meseum in Turin. Admire the early Christian artwork of the Byzantine ear in Ravenna. Spend two full days in Rome, dedicating your attention to the Papal legacies. Then head to Assisi, home to St. Francis and St. Clare, and continue to experience places of some of Italy’s most beloved saints. This tour focuses on collecting unforgettable memories and inspiration.

Shown: 14-days from $3449 pp.
Travel mid-April thru mid-October.

Shorter options are also available.

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