Galápagos Islands

While there are several ways to visit the Galápagos, this page mainly focuses on a cruise with Celebrity Cruises, specifically their 7-night loop itineraries, which in our opinion, are terrific ways to experience the Galápagos Islands.

A destination. An adventure. An experience of a lifetime.

Once, volcanos spat and lava flowed, creating an archipelago of 19 islands with a marine reserve that serve as a living museum of evolution. Extreme isolation and the convergence of three ocean currents developed the most unusual wildlife.

Since the animals here don’t fear humans, you can truly get up close and personal, looking into the eyes of a Galápagos marine iguana, and walking among penguins – the only penguin species north of the equator. Here, you’ll discover creatures whose very existence forms the basis for one of the most famous scientific theories in history.

sneak peaks for your experience with Celebrity Cruises in the Galápagos

overview of the experience

ship tour of Celebrity Flora

visiting the islands... 7-night itinerary examples

Itineraries can change, so please use this list as a guide only. Exact itineraries may vary.

Northern Loop

Southern Loop

Inner Loop

Outer Loop

Baltra Island

all loops

Bartolomé Island

Northern & Inner loops

Daphne Island

all loops

Española Island

Southern & Outer loops

Fernandina Island

Northern & Outer loops

Floreana Island

Southern & Outer loops

Genovesa Island

Northern loop

Isabela Island

all loops

Mosquera Islet

Southern loop

North Seymour Island

Northern, Southern & Inner loops

Rábida Island

Northern, Southern & Inner loops

San Cristobal Island

Southern & Inner loops

Santa Cruz Island

all loops

Santa Fé Island

Southern loop

Santiago Island

Northern & Inner loops

choose from 3 ships with Celebrity

Celebrity Flora

The newest edition to their Galápagos Islands fleet, Celebrity Flora, ensures that your visit to these primitive islands is anything but. Indulge in the most luxurious accommodations in the islands, where every stateroom is a suite. Savor meals from meus crafted by our Michelin-starred chef, and allow your Personal Suite Attendant to help you unpack. The first ship to be designed and built especially for the Galápagos Islands offers expert naturalists to guide the way, environmentally friendly technology at every turn, and much more.

Celebrity Xpedition

The newly remodeled 48-passenger Celebrity Xpedition is one of the most awarded vessels in the islands. It's also the ship that first put us on the map in the Galápagos Islands (literally). Step aboard and enjoy the highly personalized service you deserve, like nightly lectures by Galápagos National Park certified naturalists, who are on board during your entire vacation, and much more.

Celebrity Xploration

Our most intimate journey to the Galápagos Islands feels like your very own personal yacht. Celebrity Xploration is a luxurious catamaran that takes 16 fortunate guests off the beaten path and offers up-close and personal views of hidden gems like Cerro Brujo, one of the first sites visited by Charles Darwin. Perfect for family gatherings, expeditions with friends, or small groups.

Celebrity offers an Inclusive Galápagos Experience

shore excursions

Twice-daily Galápagos National Park certified Naturalist guided excursions, including equipment.


Enjoy your favorite beverages throughout your voyage with unlimited drinks onboard.


All meals onboard with menus crafted by a Michelin-star chef.


All gratuities, park fees, and daily briefings are included.

unlimited Wifi

Always stay connected, no matter where you are, with complimentary unlimited Wi-Fi.


Flights between Quito, Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands on all packages 10 nights or greater.

What else is included on your Galápagos vacation?

These items are included on a 7-night Galápagos cruise.
If you package the cruise with Quito or Machu Picchu, additional items are included.

Combine a Galápagos cruise with Quito & Machu Picchu

You don’t have to choose – combine these two extraordinary experiences worthy of any traveler’s bucket list. Celebrity offers all-inclusive Galápagos cruise packages, you can experience both the ancient ruins of Peru and the otherworldly landscapes and wildlife of the Galápagos on a single vacation. Plus visit the historical downtown of beautiful Quito, Ecuador.

10- & 11-night option: Galápagos cruise with Quito, Ecuador
16-night option: Galápagos cruise with Machu Picchu, Peru

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